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So our son wanted to make his first purchase, a 2004 Jeep Wrangler Sport.

Tom Matson in Auburn sales staff "duped" him into believing that they would draw up a contract, and it would be subject to his mechanic's inspection. Key word is "Major mechicanical" inspection. There were mechanical problems, but not major. Since he signed the contract BEFORE the inspection, he is screwed. He now needs to fix an O2 sensor code problem, and $800.00 for control arms to correct the diff. pinion angle,(It's lifted). Typical car dealership!... can you say screwed! Oh...& they sweet talked him into a "$2600.00" extended warrenty contract too.

They have to fix the repairs they did prior to the sale, a oil leak on the transfer case, but now they say they don't give out loaner car's for "Used vehicles"???? YOU JUST SOLD A THE VEHICAL!!! YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING????

Believe me...there are other dealerships out there....stay away from this one!

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