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I bought a new demo vehicle and have been treated like a used car owner ever since. I never received my vehicle back cleaner than I dropped it off for service.

I had my vehicle in recently for a problem that could have been caused before or after I received it and was not covered by warranty. The service department offered no discount or assistance. Their computer parts program is so pathetic they have to remove the part from the car to look it up for ordering or pricing that even the VIN does not work. Larson Dodge will treat you right.

I also spent over 6 hours at the dealership when buying the car with a toddler and infant. Do not recommend Tom Matson at all.

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I purchased my used 2010 Challenger in February, 2011; it was originally purchaed there and has only 9k... shouldn't have any problems, right?

well, they didn't do a safety check, didn't clean it, said they'd replace a broken reflector light, do an oil change and have heated seats installed. After the papers were signed, they told me there was not money in the deal for the heated seats and to bring it back to all the other stuff and to pick up the 2nd key. It's been nearly 2 months, i've gone in to pick up the key and been told they didn't have it only to be called a couple days later and told they did, they still haven't done any of the other stuff, and they are now refusing to fix the broken reflector light... and my papers say i bought a new car.

I will NEVER refer anyone to them.... not even an enemy!!!


This is VERY scary. We were in and began the purchase of a used car from Matson Dodge on 12-18.

Due to financing issues, we resigned papers 12/31. Today, we went in because there is a substantial leak in the roof (skylight). We never got a far as who would pay for the repair... the general manager told service they could not even take a look or diagnose the issue.

Their claim was that they had never done a safety check on the car; Problem is that when we first signed papers they refused to let us take the car saying that we must leave the car overnight to do a safety check.

(we had to comeback the next day from Bellevue)

2 major issues within a week of each other?? WOW!!!!!

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